Acupuncture Consultation and Fees 


First appointment £60 / 2 hours / full diagnosis and treatment

Initially, when you start your acupuncture treatment, we will spend a lot of time getting to the root cause.  This will involve looking at medical history, diet, lifestyle and many factors. This is why we will need a lot longer at your initial appointment. 


Subsequent treatments £45 / 45 minutes

Ideally, the second treatment should be no longer than one week after the first. As a general rule I suggest 4-5 regular treatments, we will then review progress. Sometimes people feel this is all they need, sometimes this needs to be extended. For chronic conditions you will probably need ongoing, regular treatment, but over time this may be anything between monthly or seasonal top-ups. We are all different and acupuncture works very much on a case-by case basis. 

Most appointments are during the daytime.  I do have a very small number of evening appointments. Due to their popularity, I do ask for these appointments to be paid for in advance.


Initial Consultation

15 Minute Consultation

FREE: we can discuss whether acupuncture is right for you
and treatment goals

Home visits and concessions are available on request

Since being paralysed from the waist down I have suffered from muscular lower back pain and muscle spams. After the first treatment with Jane, the spasms reduced and my sleep improved. I am now receiving regular treatment from Jane and have experienced some improvement in sensation below the level of injury.
— P P, Bristol