About Jane Macey Acupuncture

I practise Traditional, Five Element Acupuncture in clinics across Bristol.

Initially I was introduced to acupuncture through my own treatment and through living and working in Japan. After working in the business world and having children, I decided to re-train as an acupuncturist, as I was seeing more and more people being made ill by their lifestyles. I feel that the philosophy behind Chinese Medicine is the perfect antidote to modern living.  

Very early on, I understood that acupuncture was more than just needles, it is about understanding what makes each individual person tick, and by doing this, it clarifies what each person’s greatest gifts are, as well as their potential imbalances. Lifestyle also plays a crucial part and years later, as a practitioner I am passionate about imparting this information to everyone I treat. To understand the process, I believe, will enhance its benefits.

Traditional Acupuncture speaks to each of us in a different way and is completely focused on the individual.  Anyone who has come to me for treatment can vouch that no two treatments are the same.  That is because we are not static entities, but dynamic beings. We develop, and grow, get stuck and unstuck in our own particular ways.  Acupuncture, through the wisdom of thousands of years of unchanged practice, addresses this.

Acupuncture Philosophy

I commenced my training in Five Element Acupuncture in 2008, at the College of Traditional Acupuncture, originally set up by JR Worsley.

Although I’d like to say I have a specialism, I really don’t. Five Element Acupuncture joins up the physical with the emotional; so is just as effective at treating musculoskeletal conditions as it is emotional ones, such as depression. In brief, it treats the person, not the condition, and through doing this, the condition either resolves, or becomes more bearable.

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Acupuncture Clinics 

I am a fully trained and insured member of the British Acupuncture Council.  Additionally I am a member of ACT (Acupuncture Childbirth Team) Bristol and have completed additional training in boosting fertility, pregnancy and childbirth, with Jani White

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Over the years, I have expanded my Bristol acupuncture practice and now work from three clinics in Bristol:

I found the whole acupuncture experience strangely restful. Jane was very open, friendly and organised and very quickly earned your trust and respect. She made you feel at ease, which resulted in me having every confidence in her treatments.
— T N, Bristol